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you have to start somewhere. says Heath. Then, choose a macronutrient ratio. For example, 40% carbs, “Buy a food scale, learn how to use it, like grams instead of ounces,” Heath says. “You need to train your body to process food quickly, so eat every three hours.”

Heath says to consume 1. he’ll have 3 meals. drink two and have four meals. Also, increase your protein consumption and decrease carbs to look lean. 30% carbs and 20% protein.”

The best way to know the real progress you’re making is by recording it on video or taking photos. “Photos mean everything because if you can take them in the same areas and in the same poses, you’ll see your strengths and weaknesses clearly,” says Heath. “Revise your training and diet programs to eliminate weaknesses.” Keep a file of your progress to see just how far you can take your fitness.

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Posing is more than just showcasing your physique – it’s about originality and engaging the audience. So which of these bodybuilders had the most electrifying posing routine of 2018? Vote below:

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You’ve eaten nothing but brown rice and chicken breasts for the past six months, but you still don’t have the shredded body you want.