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Being a very successful athlete in the Canadian bodybuilding scene, Mike was also a top five bodybuilder at the IFBB Universe.

Zane Watson left a message after his father’s death that brought everybody to tears on his official Instagram page (17 December, 2018):

Immediately, condolences from the bodybuilding world started to flood Zane Watson’s page, including Flex Lewis, Regan Grimes and many others.

Mike began to lift weights at the young age of 15 and was immediately hooked on the “pump” and was blown away with how quickly his body shape was changing.

Mike got coaxed into entering his first bodybuilding contest by pro wrestler, Dewey challenged Mike, Dewey would enter also Fast Forward Mike won first place and overall. A career was born that day. and “most muscular”. Universe” World Championships and placed a respectable fifth in both years.

When it came time for Mike to start his career, the gym business was a natural fit. Take care when getting bodybuilding canada and do your research first.

Mike was partners with Dr. Barry Sears in a nutritional company and learned the science related to food, hormones, and anabolic/catabolic processes.

Mike believed that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, regardless of your age, ability level, or the experience that you may have.